Our main Kelburn校园 is the largest and centrally located in Wellington city.

The Kelburn校园 is the heart of the first-year experience at 菠菜导航娱乐网—Victoria University of Wellington. Kelburn provides comprehensive student support.

Finding your way around

下载 Kelburn校园地图 pdf1.5MB to find your way around. Buildings have their names abbreviated to two letters, and lecture theatres are signalled by ‘LT’. The first number signals what level they are on.

Services and amenities

Student services available at the Kelburn校园 include:

There is also a selection of cafes and food outlets.


Kelburn校园 is a ten to fifteen minute walk up the hill from the city centre. The campus is on regular 公交线路 and is a short walk from Wellington Cable Car. 了解如何 get to and between our campuses on foot, by bike, or on public transport 以及 停车 选项.